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Anti-Graffiti Toilet Partitions

Are you looking for anti-graffiti toilet partitions?

Graffiti in commercial restrooms have negative impacts on the perception of your business. While there is no one simple way to prevent the act of graffiti and vandalism on toilet partitions altogether, a few solutions exist to help remove graffiti from toilet partitions.

If you are looking for an anti-graffiti toilet partition solution, you will need a toilet partition product that can offer the following three characteristics:

  1. Choose metal toilet partitions (avoid plastic toilet partitions, as you cannot effectively remove graffiti without damaging plastic material).
  2. The surface of the material needs to be textured, which prevents the act of vandalism in the first place.
  3. The material needs to have a high gloss layer of surface coating, which enables graffiti to be removed easily without damaging the surface.

If you do not select a toilet partition system with the three characteristics from above, you will not be effective in preventing vandalism and completely removing the graffiti from the toilet partitions (without damaging the surface material).

Metpar’s Anti-Graffiti Toilet Partition Solution:

Metpar offers a toilet partition system with the sole purpose of preventing vandalism and removing graffiti.

Dur-A-Tex material is specifically manufactured as a vandalism and graffiti resistant solution for property owners. The material offers all required characteristics to serve as your complete anti-graffiti toilet partition solution:

  • Metal material.
  • Textured diamond, which surface prevents vandalism.
  • Two coat paint process with secondary clear coat high gloss layer, which increase durability, enables complete removal of graffiti, and reduces clean up time.

This material allows the use of commercial graffiti removers to completely eliminate graffiti without causing damage to the finish. The powder coating retains it’s brilliance and there no ghosting of the graffiti left behind.

If you are looking for an anti-graffiti toilet partition solution, then look no further than Metpar’s Dur-A-Tex.