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Antimicrobial Toilet Partitions

What does antimicrobial mean?

Antimicrobial means destroying or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and especially pathogenic microorganisms.

Bacteria and Microbes in Commercial Restrooms

Microbial growth on bathroom surfaces results in a less fresh and clean environment. Antimicrobial materials are very important for commercial restrooms, where cleanliness is of utmost importance.

Do antimicrobial toilet partitions exist?

Yes, antimicrobial toilet partition material does exist. The material is called Solid Surface and this antimicrobial toilet partition material is regularly specified and used in healthcare environments. The material is solid, seamless, and nonporous, making it impervious to water, moisture, and heat. It has natural anti-microbial and infection-controlling surface qualities that naturally inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and dangerous bacteria, making them ideal for commercial restrooms in healthcare facilities where sanitation is of utmost importance.