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Are Plastic Laminate Toilet Partitions Water Resistant?

Depending on application and climate, selecting a toilet partition material that is humidity and water resistant can be one of the most important aspects in deciding which material to select.

Many people ask us if plastic laminate toilet partitions are appropriate for areas that are high in humidity.

Plastic Laminate Toilet Partitions are not water resistant and actually have the least water resistance as compared to any other toilet partition material types.

Plastic laminate toilet partitions are not recommended for environments that have high humidity or where hose wash down cleaning methods are utilized.

You may ask why, however, the reason is simple. Over time, the seams in the plastic laminate material allow water and moisture penetration which causes the MDF particle board core to expand and absorb moisture, swell, and delaminate.

If you are seeking toilet partitions for a high humidity environment, we recommend solid plastic toilet partitions or phenolic toilet partitions.