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Concealed Latch for Metal Toilet Partitions

What is a toilet partition concealed latch?

A concealed latch is a slide latch that is concealed inside of the toilet partition door.

The latch has an “in-use” occupancy indicator that displays a green or red color from the exterior of the stall to indicate when the toilet stall is in use.

The latch is utilized by sliding the bolt horizontally while positioned inside of the bathroom stall.

The concealed latch is ADA approved.

Learning how to install and remove the concealed latch on any metal toilet partition material is easy.

This concealed latch is a standard feature on all Metpar metal toilet partitions: Powder Coated, Stainless Steel, and Dur-A-Tex.

Metpar is the only toilet partition manufacturer to offer the concealed occupancy indicator latch as a standard feature for metal toilet partitions and has become highly specified on many commercial bathroom partition projects.

(The below pictures illustrate the concealed latch in both a vacant (green) and red (occupied) state).

Metpar Toilet Partition Concealed Latch - Occupied Metpar Toilet Partition Concealed Latch - Vacant