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Full Height Ultimate Privacy Toilet Partitions

What are full height ultimate privacy toilet partitions?

Privacy height toilet partitions were originally designed to meet the needs of Eastern cultures where maximum privacy was a necessity. This style has evolved to meet the growing needs for toilet partition privacy in Western countries where individuals want to increase social boundaries. Full height ultimate privacy toilet partitions are toilet partitions that provide the occupant with extra privacy as compared to standard toilet partitions. All panels and doors are extra high and they sit lower to the ground (low floor clearance). You no longer have to build private rooms to achieve ultimate privacy as this style provides complete head-to-toe personal privacy coverage.

Standard Toilet Partition Privacy:

Standard toilet partitions have 58″ high doors and panels that are elevated 12″ above the floor. This height is more economical than full height toilet partitions because it uses less material. This is Metpar’s “Standard” height series.

Full Height Ultimate Privacy:

Full height privacy toilet partitions have 72″ high doors and panels and are elevated 6″ above the floor. This height is more expensive than standard height toilet partitions because it uses more material. This is Metpar’s “Dorian Max” height privacy series.

Full Height Privacy Toilet Partitions