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Marble & Stone Toilet Partitions

What are marble toilet partitions?

Metpar’s stone toilet partitions are available in marble and granite stones. The stone toilet partitions are a one of a kind, natural, and timeless solution that provide any commercial restroom with grand, elegant, and luxurious characteristics that are sure to impress the highest and most sophisticated clientele. If you’re looking to leave a lasting, impressionable, and breathtaking mark on any visitor to your commercial restroom, consider designing with Metpar’s Quarry Collection. For thousands of years, stone has been a much-lauded ingredient in building design and construction. As a natural material, stone has many appealing qualities, including its unmatched durability, versatility, and unlimited beauty. Design choices know no bounds with stone’s wide-ranging variety of colors, types, patterns, and textures. The veins of the marble, the crystals in the granite, the delicacy of the colors and its particular brightness make stone one of the most desired materials for bathroom partitions. Does your commercial restroom design require a unique aesthetic to match, contrast, or complement wall paneling, vanities, or flooring? Then look no further, let your imagination come to life and design with stone.

Marble Toilet Partitions:

Marble is a metamorphic rock that derives from the transformation of limestone and other sedimentary carbonate rocks under high heat and pressure. Characteristic veins and gradations in color result from impurities in the limestone, which move and re-crystallize as the stone metamorphoses into marble. Marble partition highlights are as follows:
• Glistening beauty catches the eye instantly.
• Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.
• Sourced from quarries all over the world.
• Can be polished to a sparkling finish.
• Most marbles are soft, and not very abrasion resistant.
• Not resistant to acids & require higher maintenance.

Granite Toilet Partitions:

Granite is a volcanic rock (it was originally lava, that cooled to form solid rock) containing visibly granular igneous rock consisting of mostly feldspar and quartz minerals. Granite partition highlights are as follows:
• Very hard, strong, and abrasion resistant.
• Resistant to acids and require less maintenance as compared to marble.
• Can be polished to a mirror finish.
• Available in mainly dark colors and patterns, which may limit design aesthetic.

Core Features:

Our stone partitions consist of a thin layer of natural stone on all surfaces, bonded with high-strength epoxy adhesive to a lightweight yet extremely durable aluminum honeycomb core. The panels offer designers the beauty of the natural stone face combined with aluminum’s increased strength and light weight. All stone edges are eased and the surface can be either polished or honed to the customers liking.