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Metal Toilet Partition Corner Clips

What are toilet partition corner clips?

All Metpar door and panel corners are finished with pre-formed painted stainless steel reinforcements. Corners are welded internally to ensure that the galvanized rust resistant coating is not removed. These corner clips prevent any necessity of external corner welding and metal grinding, yielding an aesthetically pleasing and extremely strong structural connectivity that lasts a long time.

Why are corner clips better than welded corners?

Welded corners frequently rust as a result of the galvanized rust resistant coating being removed during the grinding and polishing process during production. As a result, and over time, the welded corner bond will rust, crack, and completely break. Next time you are in a commercial restroom, take a look at the welded corners and view the rust on the edges. If you are lucky enough, you’ll find a corner with a complete crack where the weld once was strong.

With Metpar corner clips, you will not experience any rusting or cracking and the internal weld will completely maintain it’s strength. These corner clips are used on all Metpar metal toilet partitions (Stainless Steel, Powder Coated, and Dur-A-Tex).