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Metpar Introduces “Solid Surface” Toilet Partitions

July 28, 2020

Metpar is pleased to announce the addition of Solid Surface Toilet Partitions to its product line. This product line was specifically developed as a solution to the growing demand from healthcare focused architects and designers for hygienic restroom solutions in hospitals, advanced medical centers, care homes, and hospice care facilities. Metpar is committed  to addressing customer preferences in order to expand and innovate our product offerings, and thereby strengthening our position as the one-stop restroom partition source for our valued distributors across the United States.

About Metpar Solid Surface:

Metpar Solid Surface Toilet Partitions are fabricated from sheets of homogeneous solid acrylic-modified polyester with natural fillers, colorants, and granulates. The material is solid, seamless, and nonporous, making it impervious to water, moisture, and heat. All edges are beveled and polished and the material comes with a Class “A” fire rating. The material is available in multiple privacy series, bracing styles, and is available in a large variety of luxurious stock and non-stock colors and patterns (12 solid & 32 granulated).

Benefits to Healthcare Facilities:

In healthcare environments, the health and well-being of patients is paramount, and patient surrounds play a vital role. Every year, too many patients contract hospital acquired infections during a hospital stay, however, clean and sanitary surfaces can help prevent the spread of infection. Sanitation of commercial restrooms in healthcare facilities plays an equally vital role as does the sanitation of medical operating and inpatient rooms.

Healthcare designers understand that preventing the spread of infection starts at the surface, which is why they frequently specify Solid Surface Toilet Partitions thereby creating safe healthy environments that promote healing and well being.

Solid surface has a smooth, non-porous, solid surface with natural anti-microbial and infection-controlling surface qualities that are proven to naturally reduce and inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and dangerous bacteria. Non-porous surfaces discourage microbes from residing in the microscopic pores present in other surface materials. These characteristics make solid surface ideal for commercial restrooms in healthcare facilities where sanitation and protection to patients is of utmost importance.

For more information on Metpar’s new solid surface partitions, please email [email protected] 


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