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Privacy Strips for Metal Bathroom Partitions

What are privacy strips for metal bathroom partitions?

Privacy strips are extruded aluminum strips that can be added to doors to eliminate any sight gap on either side of the bathroom partition door.

One strip on the latch side acts as a full size rubber continuous door stop, with a pre-centered concealed latch receive slot, while the other strip is positioned between the upper and lower hinge, eliminating any chance of “peeking’ into the stalls.

Counter-sunk pre-drilled holes are conveniently placed every 8”, and attachment screws are included. It is important to note that the privacy strips are added to the pilasters, rather than to the door.

The strips are available in standard aluminum finish or can be powder coated to match the same color of the bathroom partition (many designers prefer the painted to match option).

Privacy strips are standard for Metpar’s privacy bathroom partitions, Dorian and Dorian Max, however, they remain optional as per project preferences. These door privacy strips can be added to existing metal bathroom partition layouts, or can be ordered with new partitions.

If you require “no-peek” doors on plastic bathroom partitions (solid plastic or phenolic), view our rabbeted doors information to achieve the same privacy bathroom partition solution.

Painted Privacy Strips for Toilet Partitions