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Removing a Concealed Latch for Metal Toilet Partitions

How do you remove a concealed latch for metal toilet partitions?

The following instructions pertain to removing a concealed latch on Metpar’s Powder Coated, Stainless Steel, and Dur-A-Tex toilet partitions when equipped with the rectangular concealed indicator latch.

The following guidelines are:

  1. Use extreme caution when removing the latch to avoid any damage to the door surface.
  2. Locate the outer plate of the concealed latch on the outside surface of the door with a red or green circle in the center.
  3. Carefully, drill a 9/32″ hole above and below the red/green “in-use” indicator. The outer faceplate should then collapse allowing you to remove it and the entire latch assembly.

How to remove concealed latch on metal toilet partitions