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Scratch Resistant Toilet Partitions

Do scratch proof toilet partitions exist?

There is no commercial toilet partition material that will not scratch. With a sharp edge and enough force, all toilet partition materials will ultimately scratch. Depth and length of the scratch depends on the object, force, and direction of the sharp object and also contingent upon the strength of the toilet partition surface material.

What is the most scratch resistant toilet partition material?

The best solution for scratch resistant toilet partitions would be a textured metal toilet partition or a solid plastic HDPE toilet partition. There are three options:

  1. Stainless Steel in a textured finish (either 5SM Diamond Pattern or Leather Grain Pattern).
  2. Dur-A-Tex (powder coated steel with a 5SM Diamond Pattern finish).
  3. Solid Plastic (The material is the same color on the surface as it is the center, so when it is scratched, the scratch blends in with the material and is less noticeable).

Can scratches be removed from toilet partitions?

Yes, scratches can be removed from toilet partitions, or at least hidden from plain sight. The following are solutions to removing or concealing scratches on toilet partitions:

  • Powder Coated and Dur-A-Tex metal toilet partitions can be painted with a touch up bottle of paint to fill in the scratched areas.
  • To remove scratches from solid plastic toilet partitions, heat a spoon and press the smooth side over the affected areas (to melt the plastic). Rub the spoon back and forth over the scratch until you notice it disappearing. This will blend the scratched area to match the original smoothness of the material.
  • Plastic Laminate and Phenolic are a bit more difficult to fix, as their finishes (usually from Formica or Wilsonart) are not all that repairable. The scratches will tend to stand out more on these materials. However, shine them with a cleaning polish in a circular motion until it starts to blend in.