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Dorian - Privacy!

Dorian is your mid-level privacy solution, providing a medium level of privacy coverage compared to the Standard and Dorian Max series. This series includes 64” high doors and panels that are mounted 6” above finished floor. This series automatically includes the complete elimination of sight line “peering/peeping” into the stalls by filling the gaps via privacy strips/rabbeted edges (depending on material type) and full length continuous brackets. If your project requires an enhanced level of privacy compared to the Standard Series but does not have the budget for the Dorian Max series, then the Dorian series is a cost-effective solution for your privacy requirements.

**The illustration to the left is displayed in Powder Coated material, Dorian series, and in Overhead Braced style. For complete customization, you can combine any material, any series, and any style!**

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Uses & Considerations

Construction Features

  • This series can be combined with any style.
  • Designed with 64" high doors and panels.
  • Doors and panels are mounted 6" above the floor.
  • No-sight doors via privacy strips/rabbeted edges (depending on material type).
  • Full length continuous brackets.

Benefits & Recommendations

  • Provides the second highest level of privacy and increased privacy over the standard series.
  • Designed and manufactured by the leaders in personal privacy upscale restroom partitions.


  • This series is higher priced than the Standard series as a result of more material required in construction to compensate for the higher doors and panels.
  • More difficult to clean and maintain floors as the lower doors and panels obstruct under the stall movement.
  • This series provides more privacy than the Standard series but not as much privacy as the Dorian Max series.