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Stainless Steel Edge Moldings for Metal Bathroom Partitions

When designing and specifying powder coated toilet partitions, there is an additional design option that is available to create performance and visual aesthetic differences. This pertains to which material type to be used for the toilet partition edge moldings, also known as edge trim. There are two options:

Standard Galvanized Edge Moldings:

Standard powder coated metal toilet partitions have edge moldings that are galvanized material and are painted to match the toilet partition color. Edge moldings are applied during production and the partitions enter the powder coating line to be painted all together.

Stainless Steel Edge Moldings:

However, as a premium option for powder coated toilet partitions, edge moldings in satin brushed stainless steel are available for all doors and panels. The edge moldings are applied after the partitions have been painting, creating a contrasting color difference for additional aesthetic appeal. Try to imagine powder coated toilet partitions in your desired color, with a contrasting silver edge molding around the exterior. See below image as an example of this premium design option: