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Toilet Partition Installation

Are you looking for toilet partition installers?

If you are inexperienced and have never installed toilet partitions before, you will more than likely require assistance. Installing toilet partitions can be tricky, as there are many parts (doors, panels, pilasters, urinal screens) and many hardware pieces (hinges, latches, brackets, screws, nuts, shoes, etc.), which make the installation somewhat difficult for an inexperienced / first time installer. Additionally, the parts are fragile and can scratch easily, so it’s important that the right tools and procedures are utilized during the installation process. However, an experienced handyman with a good pair of installation instructions can do the job correctly.

Metpar is a manufacturer of toilet partitions. We have a network of 800 Division 10 distributors across the United States (in every single state) that offer toilet partition installation services. These distributors have installed hundreds of projects and can install toilet partitions quickly and economically for you.

If you require assistance and need installation services, please reach out to us and we would be more than happy to refer you to your local toilet partition distributor who will be able to provide toilet partition installation services for your commercial bathroom partition project.