Solid Surface toilet partitions are perfect for applications where rugged durability, ease of maintenance, and practical elegance are important considerations. The material is a homogeneous solid acrylic-modified polyester with natural fillers, colorants, and granulates. All edges are beveled and polished and the material comes with a Class “A” fire rating. The material is available in a large variety of luxurious colors and patterns. The material is solid and nonporous, making it impervious to water, moisture, and heat. It has natural anti-microbial features and does not support the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria, making the material ideal for healthcare facilities and the hospitality sector, where sanitation is of utmost importance.

Colors & Finishes

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Platinum Gray



Light Khaki

Pearl White

Ivory White

Natural Platinum Gray

Natural Bone

Natural Cream

Natural Light Khaki

Natural Pearl White

Natural Ivory White

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    Snow Cap

    Greige Concrete

    Urban Tan

    Siesta Key


    Bahia Blanca





    Jamaican Sand








    Brushed Nickel

    Galaxy Grey

    Canyon Pebble

    Castle Rock


    Pebble Beach

    Dakota Bay

    Spanish Moss


    Boston Brown

    Red Palm


    Espresso Royale

    • Made to Order colors are premium granulated colors and have a 25% up-charge.
    • Swatches are a printed representation of the color. Please view an actual sample prior to making your final selection.
    • Other colors & finishes are available upon request. We have the ability to create custom hues that fit your specifications exactly.
    • Custom color matching available for Corian, Formica, Wilsonart, Staron, and Avonite. Ships in 32 Business Days!
    Features & Benefits

    Construction Features

    • Doors and pilasters are 3/4" thick, panels are 1/2" thick, and come with a Class-A fire rating.
    • Homogeneous solid acrylic-modified polyester with natural fillers, colorants, and granulates.
    • All hardware and fittings are stainless steel.

    Antimicrobial Benefits

    • Does not support the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.
    • Material has natural anti-microbial features.
    • Ideal material for hospitals and the hospitality sector.

    Moisture & Heat Resistant

    • Nonporous material makes it impervious to water, moisture, and heat.
    • Ideal for high humidity areas, or where hose-down cleaning methods are used.

    Low Maintenance

    • Exceptional durability.
    • High resistance to chips, cracks, and scratches.
    • Any surface damage can be buffed out or repaired.

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    Standard series includes 58” high doors and panels that are mounted 12” above finished floor. Additional options include full-length multicam hinges and full-length continuous brackets. This series is the industry standard.

    Dorian series includes 64” high doors and panels that are mounted 6” above finished floor. Full length continuous brackets, no-sight doors (rabbeted edge on strike side), and a full-length multicam hinge are included. Enhanced level of privacy compared to standard series.

    Dorian Max series includes 72” high doors and panels that are mounted 6” above finished floor. Full length continuous brackets, no-sight doors (rabbeted edge on strike side), and a full-length multicam hinge are included. Head to toe king of ultimate privacy!


    Combine any style with any series. Try our design visualizer!

    Configure Now

    Created for areas where high strength is required and installation considerations prevent other toilet partition options. Headrail is used for additional strength. Most popular style.

    Recommended for rooms with low to medium height ceilings where additional stability is desired. Maximum recommended floor to ceiling height of 96". Requires ceiling reinforcement.

    Construction Features


    Bright dipped aluminum headrail to match chrome hardware for a coordinated uniform appearance. The top is pointed, resulting in an “anti-grip” top structure to prevent hanging from the partition. (Illustrated above on Phenolic material).


    Each pilaster has a 3” high #4 finish stainless steel plinth (shoe) beautifully connecting the bottom of the pilaster to the floor, aesthetically hiding the floor mountings and any visible drill holes. (Illustrated above on Phenolic material).


    Pilasters are connected to the panels with U brackets, providing a structurally strong and tight connection. Hardware is constructed stainless steel stirrups type T and F. (Illustrated above on Phenolic material).


    The door stop consists of a wrap-around strike and keeper and the door lock is a stainless steel surface mounted latch. (Illustrated above on Phenolic material).

    Premium Options


    Rabbeted edges on the strike side of each door to mate with a coinciding rabbeted edge on each pilaster provides for ultimate privacy on the latch side of the partition door. (Illustrated above on Phenolic material)


    A full height (bottom of door to top of door) MultiCam hinge is available to eliminate any gaps on the hinge side of each partition door for ultimate privacy. (Illustrated above on Phenolic material)


    Full length continuous brackets are available in stainless steel (standard are aluminum). (Illustrated above on Solid Plastic material)


    All hardware is available in #4 brushed stainless steel for an extra durable appearance & even longer-lasting product lifetime. This material is heavy duty and will not rust. (Hardware displayed for metal partitions.)

    • Materials: Door hardware is available in die-cast chrome or cast stainless steel. Bracket hardware is available in die-cast chrome or stamped stainless steel.

    • Part Numbers: To view individual part numbers, hover your mouse over each part image below.

    • Replacement Parts: If you would like to order replacement parts, please identify your part number and submit this request form. Click Here!

    Door Hardware

    Top Hinge Bracket

    Stainless Steel
    Top Hinge Bracket S/S RHI/LHO13967C1pc
    Top Hinge Bracket S/S LHI/RHO13965C1pc
    Screw Pack158401pc

    Bottom Hinge Bracket

    Stainless Steel
    Bottom Hinge Bracket S/S RHI/LHO13963C1pc
    Bottom Hinge Bracket S/S LHI/RHO13962C1pc
    Screw Pack158401pc

    Strike & Keeper (IN and OUT swing)

    Stainless Steel
    Strike S/S (IN and OUT swing)138291pc
    Screw Pack158401pc

    Surface Mounted Latch

    Stainless Steel
    S/S Surface Latch 3½"138891pc
    Screw Pack158401pc

    Door Pull

    Stainless Steel
    Door Pull Stainless Steel138971pc
    Screw Pack158401pc

    Coat Hook & Bumper

    Stainless Steel
    S/S Rubber Tip Coat Hook & Bumper139141pc
    Screw Pack158401pc

    Door Bumper

    Stainless Steel
    S/S DB1 Door Bumper13900CS1pc
    Screw Pack158401pc


    2 Ear Bracket

    Stainless Steel
    #144 ½" 2-ear Panel Bracket125501pc
    Scew Pack15770SX1pc
    #144 ¾" 2-ear Panel Bracket125511pc
    Scew Pack15789SX1pc
    #144 1" 2-ear Panel Bracket125701pc
    Scew Pack15771SX1pc

    1 Ear Bracket

    Stainless Steel
    #145 ½" 1-ear Panel Bracket125801pc
    Scew Pack15770SX1pc
    #145 ¾" 1-ear Panel Bracket126201pc
    Scew Pack15789SX1pc
    #145 1" 1-ear Panel Bracket126001pc
    Scew Pack15771SX1pc

    Mountings & Headrails

    Aluminum Anti Grip Headrail

    AntiGrip Headrail 48"133681pc
    AntiGrip Headrail 73"133721pc
    AntiGrip Headrail 96"133741pc
    AntiGrip Headrail 120"133761pc
    No Fasteners Provided

    Aluminum Rectangular Headrail

    Rectangular End Headrail 37"133631pc
    Rectangular End Headrail 48"133641pc
    Rectangular End Headrail 61"13321BD1pc
    Rectangular End Headrail 73"133611pc
    Rectangular End Headrail 84"133621pc
    No Fasteners Provided

    Headrail Bracket #132

    #132 Headrail to Wall Bracjet12510KIT1pc
    Fasteners Included
    Only available in Chrome

    Anti Grip Headrail End Cap

    AntiGrip Headrail End Cap139721pc
    No Fasteners Required

    Headrail to Pilaster Bracket #131

    Chrome or Stainless Steel
    #131 Interior Headrail Bracket12251KIT1pc
    Fasteners Included

    3" High FP & 5" High FT/CH Pilaster Shoe

    Stainless Steel
    1¼" Post Shoe(FP/FT/CH) 148991pc
    3" Post Shoe(FP) 14921 (FT/CH) 149331pc
    4" Post Shoe(FP) 14922 (FT/CH) 149341pc
    5" Post Shoe(FP) 14923 (FT/CH) 149351pc
    6" Post Shoe(FP) 14924 (FT/CH) 149361pc
    7" Post Shoe(FP) 14925 (FT/CH) 149371pc
    8" Post Shoe(FP) 14926 (FT/CH) 149381pc
    10" Post Shoe(FP) 14927 (FT/CH) 149391pc
    12" Post Shoe(FP) 14928 (FT/CH) 149401pc
    14" Post Shoe(FP) 14929 (FT/CH) 149411pc
    18" Post Shoe(FP) 14930 (FT/CH) 149421pc
    20" Post Shoe(FP) 14944 (FT/CH) 149451pc
    24" Post Shoe(FP) 14931 (FT/CH) 149431pc
    Also add just 1 of the following screw packs
    **FP Style**
    **FT Style**
    **CH Style**

    Post Cap

    Chrome or Stainless Steel
    Cap for 1¾" Post139741pc
    No Fasteners Required

    Post Shoe

    Shoe for 1¾" Post139751pc
    #12 x 2½" Floor Screw10155X2pc
    #10-12 Plastic Floor Plug115002pc
    Stainless Steel
    Shoe for 1¾" Post139751pc
    #12 x 2" Floor Screw10531X2pc
    #10-12 Plastic Floor Plug115002pc