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Chrome Double Toilet Paper Dispenser (Surface Mounted)


Mounting: Surface Mounted
Capacity: Uses (2) Standard 5″ Core Roll Toilet Paper
Material: Polished Chrome-Plated Steel
Dimensions: 12-3/8” W x 2-11/16” H x 4-3/8” D (215mm x 68.2mm x 110.4mm)

Product Details

Surface Mounted Chrome Double Toilet Tissue Dispenser shall be fabricated of #22-gauge polished chrome-plated steel for maximum strength, equipped with vandal-resistant self-locking mechanisms and four heavy-duty brake springs providing controlled delivery for each roll of toilet paper, and accommodate two (2) standard-core toilet tissue rolls up to 5” (127mm) OD (outside diameter) with a maximum width of 411/16” (119mm). Hinged arm (one for each roll) are #22-gauge polished chrome-plated. The other arm is fixed. Toilet tissue core to prevent access to release catch spring and roll shall be non-removable until roll is depleted. Overall Dimensions: 12 3/8” W x 2 11/16” H x 4 3/8” D (215mm x 68.2mm x 110.4mm).

Surface Mounted Chrome Double Toilet Tissue Dispenser shall be Model #TTD-100-D of Metpar Corporation, 95 State Street, Westbury, NY 11590.

Toilet paper is dispensed with controlled delivery from each roll. Rolls will not spin freely. Roll is replaced on a cycle determined by maintenance needs. Roll cores prevent access to release catches and must be removed to allow end support arms to swing away for service roll replacements.

Unit to be surface mounted at desired or specified location on wall or partition using two (2) No. 8 self-tapping screws furnished by manufacturer through mounting slots in back plate. For compliance with ADA Accessibility Guidelines, install unit so that centerline of holder is a minimum of 15” (381mm) above finished floor to a maximum of 48” (1219mm) above finished floor and centerline of dispenser shall be a minimum of 7” (178mm) to a maximum of 9” (229mm) from leading edge of the water closet and no more than 36” (914mm) from the back wall of stall.