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Single Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser (Surface Mounted)


Mounting: Surface Mounted
Capacity: Uses (1) roll up to 10” dia. roll of 1-5/8” or 2-1/4” dia. core or larger
Material: #304 Satin Stainless Steel
Overall Dimensions: 10-5/8″ W x 10-11/16” H x 4-1/2” D. (270mm x 271.5mm x 114.5mm)

Product Details

Surface Mounted Single Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser shall hold one (1) roll up to 10” diameter (343mm) and 4-5/16” (110mm) wide with 1-5/8” inside diameter (41.3mm) core minimum or 2 1/4” diameter (57mm) core or larger. Unit shall accommodate smaller core size roll by removing the rubber core adapter O-rings (view “Operation” details below). Cover shall be of one-piece welded construction of 22-gauge type 304 stainless steel with welded skirt and shall be hung on stainless steel pin hinges. All exposed surfaces shall be #4 satin finish. Door shall be secured with a tumbler lock and shall have a refill indicator viewing slot. Opening on bottom of cabinet shall have stainless steel teeth on both sides for tearing toilet paper. Overall Dimensions: 10 5/8” W x 10 11/16” H x 4 1/2” D (270mm x 271.5mm x 114.5mm).

Surface Mounted Single Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser shall be Model #TTD-120-10 of Metpar Corporation, 95 State Street, Westbury, NY 11590.

One (1) 10” (343mm) max OD jumbo roll of toilet paper with core ID of 2-1/4”(57mm) or larger and 4-5/16” (110mm) face width may be hung on fixed spindle when cover is opened. Alternatively, one (1) 1-5/8” inside diameter (41.3mm) core roll may be used by removing the rubber core adapter rings. Refill indicator slot continuously reveals tissue level. Tumbler-locked door prevents unauthorized access or removal and swings down to replenish tissue roll. Roll is replaced on a cycle determined by maintenance needs.

Verify all rough-in dimensions prior to installation. Unlock unit and surface mount on wall making sure cabinet is level. Transfer mounting points to surface and drill pilot holes. Secure unit with proper fasteners per application. Load toilet tissue on spindle and close cabinet. Lock cabinet with keyed lock.