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Vertical Liquid Soap Dispenser (Surface Mounted)


Mounting: Surface Mounted
Capacity: 40 Fluid Oz
Material: #304 Satin Stainless Steel
Overall Dimensions: 4-13/16” W x 8-1/8”H x 4” D (121.6mm x 206.6mm x 98.2mm)

Product Details

Surface Mounted Vertical Liquid Soap Dispenser shall have a capacity of 40 fluid oz. (1.2 L) of liquid or lotion soaps. Dispenser shall be fabricated of #22-gauge type 304 stainless steel alloy 18-8 with a fully welded once piece construction. All exposed surfaces shall be #4 satin finish. Valve shall be an all-purpose valve cylinder with a black molded plastic push style valve and internal parts. Valve operation shall comply with ADA Accessibility guidelines by requiring no more than 5 lbs./sf of force, one hand to actuate, and require no grasping or twisting by operator. Unit shall have refill indicator sight hole and a hinged stainless-steel refill door on top of unit, which is opened with special key provided. Overall Dimensions: 4 13/16” W x 8 1/8”H x 2 15/16” D (121.6mm x 206.6mm x 74.5mm).

Surface Mounted Vertical Liquid Soap Dispenser shall be Model #SDP-100-V of Metpar Corporation, 95 State Street, Westbury, NY 11590.

Soap is manually dispensed by depressing front push button. Unit is refilled through top hinged door requiring special key (supplied) to open. Soap tank will continue to feed properly until empty. Fluid check level viewable through clear plastic window on front side and tank supply is replenished manually on cycle determined by maintenance needs. Recommended type soaps without chloric solutions for proper operation. Recommended to rinse out globe and valve with warm water every 30 days to avoid sludge buildup.

Unit is surface mounted to wall or partition with a wall mounting plate (supplied) and screws (supplied). Slide dispenser down over interlocking wedge bracket plate and secure in place by a screw (supplied) installed through rear wall and accessed through unlatched hinged refill door. Recommended installation for general utility is 42” (1,066mm) AFF or 6” (152mm) minimum above washbasin.